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About Us

A new and exciting face on the Jam Band landscape, Shakedown Citi was formed in the shakedown street parking lot at Citi Field in 2023 as the musicians met each other for the first time and knew there was something special going on.  SC channels the music and musicianship of the Grateful Dead without trying to copy them outright.


The music feels alive, fresh and new.  Each song is a journey that can take new directions, twists and turns at any time.  The interplay, communication and musicality of the performers has inspired people that don’t even like the Grateful Dead to LIKE Shakedown Citi. 


And if you’re a fan of segues, transitions, song combinations and creative, fun and interesting set lists encompassing an expansive repertoire – Shakedown Citi is definitely your jam.


The musicians of Shakedown Citi met for the first time at the Shakedown Parking lot at Citi Field on June 21, 2023.  They played their first full-band performance at Hill Country in NYC in Jauary of 2024...

...and the bus has been rolling since then


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